In April of 2019, the Spirit of the Lord gave a clear mandate to Mike McGee while sharing his heart with a pastor friend in Andover Kansas. As his brother poured out his heart for revival in America, the directive from heaven was to visit each capital in America with a call for solemn assemblies of those who believe that Christ alone can turn around America and heal the land.

The Capitals Prayer Tour purpose is to call the body of Christ to virtually gather at the nation’s centers of power for a solemn assembly fulfilling the mandate of the Holy Spirit to take the high places.  Missionaries, church planters & developers, local pastors, leaders, and members of the church body will declare God’s divine will and Word in corporate prayers for repentance and renewal of our Judeo-Christian values. A challenge will be given to every layperson and minister to RISE UP! STAND UP! and SPEAK UP!



Call for a solemn virtual assembly of God's people for the specific purpose of national renewal.


Seek His Face. Repent and humble ourselves before the Lord believing God will forgive our sins and heal our land.


Hear God's voice and claim God's divine purpose for His church and claim His blessing for our nation.


Declare God's Word and prophesy to the body of Christ to Rise Up, Stand Up, and Speak Up!

1. Join us at your state capital or on our VIRTUAL TOUR for a united appeal to heaven.

UNITE/IGNITE CAPITALS PRAYER TOUR is a call for Assemblies of God and all believers to exercise their faith through actions of united prayer. At some capitals, governors will be participating and the event will be substantial. At most capitals the call is for “prayer walks” in and around the Capital. We will be streaming via Facebook Live here...

For more information, go to If necessary, call (512) 639-6500 for additional information.


2. Join us on your knees from any place you meet with God.

Set the date and time aside and fervently pray with us. Prayer points will be provided on the blog.


3. Join us via your financial support.

God has called us to pray at all of the capitals of the United States of America during the year 2020 to declare the “TURNAROUND” of America. Our financial support for this mandate come from supporters like you.

The journey will require 98 days of travel from June 14th to October 15th. We are only 25% funded at this point I need your urgent help so we may complete God’s assignment. $410/day —1 day costs for travel, bibles, events, special meetings. Please consider being a sponsor for the Prayer Tour at your state capital for $1,500.

Longer term, we count on monthly support from our ministry partners like you. We still need 20 donors at $50/month and 10 donors at $75/month. Funding is critical to sustain the NET (National Engagement Team)

Donate tax deductible offerings electronically via

or send tax deductible offerings to:
AGUSM #212841 (class 51)
1445 N Boonville Ave
Springfield MO 65802


4. Launch a 24/7 prayer movement In your state or your community.

All resources provided through or

Your zeal and passion for renewal could move a multitude of other to UNITE & IGNITE revival fires!
5. Encourage others to follow the at church or through social media.


5. Share this on Facebook.
We encourage you to post on Facebook! The Capitals Prayer Tour is about our church body, together, agreeing in prayer. Follow us here...
"For where two or three (or thousands via Facebook) gather in my name, there am I with them." Matthew 18:20


6. Send Us A Prayer Recording.
Either alone or in a group of intercessors, record your prayers while following the PRAYER POINTS outlined for the tour. Make an effort to record one voice to prevail over the others if you are in a group setting.
For more information, see Audio Prayer Recordings

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