Mike & Becky McGee

Mike and Becky McGee are appointed Assemblies of God Missionaries with U.S. Missions and serve in the department of Chaplaincy Ministries. They were appointed in 1983 and served as foreign missionaries to Mexico until 2017 when they joined U.S. Missions.

Chaplaincy Ministries

“Chaplains connect with people and administer Christ’s healing to the hurting when the local church is not an option.”
—Manny Cordero, Chaplaincy Ministries senior director

Assemblies of God
U.S. Missions

U.S. Missions is the stateside missions organization for the Assemblies of God. The U.S. Missions team consists of missionaries, chaplains, and Teen Challenge directors who are in strategic locations across our nation. These men and women reach people who may never walk into a church.