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At the capital, there was a woman weeping and hyper-ventilating. She was trying to thank the officers for their service but she could not speak because her once beautiful Capitol had been defaced and the beautiful gardens had been destroyed by campers. I took time to talk with her and pray with her.

As you can see in the pics, we live in the days of Elijah! Evil attempts to kill, steal, and destroy!”
But my Lord came to set the captives free and give life more abundantly!!
For blocks violent protesters knocked windows and placed graffiti on the beautiful granite walls. A statue was torn down and an icon replaced it. But a cleaning crew was completing weeks of restoration.
I prayed a spiritual fire down from heaven to cleanse the Capitol. We exalted Christ!!


Oh, happy day! At 12 o’clock today central standard time,...

Save the Date!

Save the date Missouri friends!!!October 3rd. Jefferson City “PrayerFest”.Help us...

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