Stop! Listen! There’s Hope!

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Let’s Roll Church! We are the salt and the light! Awake UP! STAND UP! SPEAK UP!

Rabbi Lapin says that there is hope for America because of her Judeo-Christian heritage and founding:

“Because of America’s uniqueness and its deliberate similarities to ancient Israel, a comeback scenario is real. Even prominent political scientist and religious agnostic, Charles Murray, insists that the American republic can only survive with a revival of the religious values that the Founders depended on. The indomitable Christian warrior, David Lane, through his @AmericanRenewalProject continues to enlist thousands of courageous pastors and millions of their followers in bringing Biblical wisdom into the public square. There is hope.”

Apart from the ARP there is UNITEDCRY.ORG , AMERICAPRAYS.ORG, ALLAMERICA.ORG, and UNITEIGNITE (so many others) are weaving a beautiful tapestry of intercessors to redeem the time and bring on the “turnaround in America”!

Save the Date!

Save the date Missouri friends!!!October 3rd. Jefferson City “PrayerFest”.Help us...


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