Partnership Opportunities

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Capitals Prayer Tour Partnership
Opportunities Update!
3 ways to join the team:

  1. Sponsor a Capital $1,500
    (Receive a gift of an incredible bible called The American Patriots Bible)
  2. Sponsor a week of room and board $950
  3. Using your CC or hotel points to cover one or more nights in any hotel.
  4. Sponsor 500 miles of road expenses $300
  5. Monthly support

All offers are tax-deductible except hotel points.
I am not being sponsored by an organization nor by a large mega church. I am depending on others with a vision for America’s turn around. All offerings go to cover expenses for travel, not for salaries.

If you have nothing to help with financially, please pray for us each and every day.

Online giving:
By mail: McGee Ministries
4500 Williams Dr 212-226
Georgetown Tx 78633

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