United Cry

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God is giving us divine appointments. I asked you to pray for His hand to orchestrate our daily activities and we are experiencing exactly that each and every day. So appreciative of your prayers. Travel with us on your knees!!!

Another praise report: Since we left Texas God has spoken to five individuals to cover almost all of our hotel costs through this week! We are blessed.

God will speak to many during the next months to fast, pray, and be involved in the Turnaround of America!

I am so thankful for the many churches, church leaders, laypersons, and families who are on board for a mighty move of God across the land. Some of our main partners are Rachel and Lewis Hogan (Founder/CEO of UNITEDCRY.org) What a tremendous couple mobilizing America to pray for 10 years no less! Get to know them! Support them!

Lewis Hogan

The 13 Colonies

A great big “thank you” this morning to each and...

Mississippi Flags

Removal of Mississippi flags which had Confederate symbols on them....

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