Are You Willing to Fight?

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I am more excited to live for Christ today, than ever before! Because my friends, we have entered into a “transitional hour” for the church.  Our God is raising a mighty army of prayer warriors that stand bold and united against the darkness over our land.  

While this news may comfort you, we must also remain vigilant and aware of the very real and present evil that has been amassing it’s forces in our culture, our laws, and our own hearts.  This decline in moral values is something that must be acknowledged before God if we are to escape the condemnation and subsequent suffering it has caused. From the slaughtering of the unborn to our indifference to injustice. From our racial division to our lack of unity in the family. Our nation has been unraveling like an old garment that has decided it no longer needs the seamstress.
And yet, even under the condemnation of what is so self evident, we still find it hard to admit the real problem isn’t evil but our unwillingness as Christians to fight it and declare it as the war that it is. But, I refuse to sleep on the battlefield any longer. For now is the time for faith to rise up from it’s slumber and push evil back into the hole from which we allowed it to crawl out of.

My message is somber yet hopeful, It is sobering, yet happy. Because it conveys that we find ourselves caught in the thicket of evil, torn from it’s thorns yet most of us blind to the fact we are caught at all. But it also empowers you to know that any battle, no more how far gone it may seem, is an easy battle for a church led by Christ to overcome.

Our redemption draws near. For even as I write, there is an awakening occuring in the church. A restless stirring that will awaken this sleeping giant to rise and tower above the evil that has bedded beside it.

God’s people across the nation are realizing that we must humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways, ask God to heal this land that we allowed to become cursed.

The battle lines have been drawn and we have found ourselves in the advantage, as we are led by the greatest of generals. But make no mistake, no matter how good the plans that are laid may be, it takes soldiers to carry them out. Otherwise our victory will remain on paper rather than in our land.

We must all ask God what we should do to bring about redemption in our land and be willing to do it once it has been revealed to us. Because, we are all soldiers in this war, it’s up to you to decide if you’ll listen for your orders and be willing to fight.

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