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Seriously, we need you today to put wind in our sails through monthly commitment which can be done online in less than 5 minutes.

What’s at stake? America!

She has been weighed in the balances and found wanting.

God has called us (the McGees) to our nation, and the mandate to reclaim this country from darkness and chaos will require all our strength, our resources, and our will!

Your partnership gives you equity and “skin in the game” if you will?

We need $750 of monthly support to a budget set by our board.

We need sponsors for Capital prayer events in each state — $2,500. Let your giving be a LEGACY GIFT and tell your family that you are taking action to stop America’s demise.

You will receive a gift in return called the AMERICA PATRIOT’s BILBE which gives you a treasure of stories of how our nation was founded in Judeo-Christian values.

Help us to be able to focus 100% on the needs of our nation and not having our hours held captive in an attempt to meet budgets. Free us to serve our nation!

Call us now, our go online and let’s put our shoulders to the plow and sow TRUTH, LIGHT, JUSTICE, LIBERTY, and LOVE in our land!

When God redeployed Becky and me from Mexico to the United States in 2017, God said that, “America is my land and your land, but my people have failed to be good stewards of the gift by grace that I gave them. Tell them to take ownership and stewardship once again.”

Couple your monthly sacrifice and generous donations with consistent prayer for the greatest revival of the world has ever seen!

If America is going to continue to have influence and save our world in many respects… we must save our nation at this critical hour from the plans of Satan and His puppets.

Act now. Text us (956-457-5747) … and let us know how much you care about “THE TURNAROUND” in America beginning in 2020.

—Soldier Mike McGee

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