GOD WANTS YOU TO Rise UP. Stand Up. and Speak UP.

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Thank you for your heart for God, for missions, and for America!   This blog is intended to be for your benefit, the AG US Missionaries, and for a nation in crisis.

The CAPITALS PRAYER TOUR initiative will include special prayer events around the nation in churches, rallies, and at the high places of power and authority in each state.  Many blog posts will be made from our national capital, Washington DC.

Together, we will take a journey to lift our eyes and clarify our vision.  Without a clear vision, people perish.  Across our beautiful land, our fellow citizens are in need of a compassionate touch of God’s LOVE and HOPE found in Christ alone.

Together, we will celebrate the powerful and dynamic ministries found in seven departments of US Missions.  Much of our focus will be in a specialty department called, MCPD (Missionary Church Planters and Developers).

Becky and I are team members of this tribe.  Our missionaries dwell mostly in urban and rural American communities marginalized by generational poverty, gangs, drugs, sex slavery, homelessness, racial tensions, and spiritual darkness.  These missionaries dedicate their lives to establishing communities of hope founded in Christ.

Together, we will see innumerable open doors for us to rise up, stand up, and speak up with our incredible US missionaries declaring hope for America and eternal hope in Jesus Christ!

Our ultimate goal is to unite our hearts and hands – agreeing to obey the voice of the Holy Spirit Who will guide us in spiritual conquests!  Together we believe that the body of Christ will prepare the way of the Lord’s return through a last days’ revival like the world has never seen!!

The Spirit spoke to me and many others to declare His Word over His America and His Church to rise up, stand up, and speak up!  Together let’s believe God to see revival of our Judeo-Christian heritage – to restore our trust in God and to see America as


Join us in this journey throughout America in 2019-2020 and beyond!

Your prayer and financial support are powerful and proactive ways for you to heed the call to service in His Kingdom. Maybe you will gather with us in your state!

You can “go where you sow!”

—Soldier Mike

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