Stop! Drop! and Reboot!

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The transition from serving as missionaries in Mexico to the United states produced much drama internally, socially, and ministerially. In essence, we were in reverse cultural shock and didn’t realize the fact. To tell the truth, it felt wrong at times, it seemed in conflict with all we knew and understood about God’s will for our lives, and we felt very much out of touch and out of sync. 

Having to part from thousands of Mexican friends, students, and pastors ripped our hearts in two. Reentry was full of learning curves about the post-modern and post-Christian cultural norms. Actually, there were moments I felt as if God had reassigned us to far more pagan culture than the one we left.

God has ordained us now to be foot soldiers in the trenches in the inner cities and in rural America. With great joy we serve 170 missionaries around America. 

And may you find your place in the army of God fighting faithfully the “good fight” Paul told Timothy. I invite you to join us in the fight! 

Maybe it’s time for you to Stop thinking despairingly and fill you heart with HOPE IN CHRIST ALONE! Maybe, you should Drop your current agenda, and Reboot God’s plan in your life right now!

Jeremiah 29:11

God says to you today, “I have thoughts and plans for YOU…!”

America is in the valley of decision. We must decide who we are as a nation; Godly or pagan, drunk in the cool aid of secularism or filled by His Spirit, followers of darkness or seekers of light, the harlot of Satan or the bride of Christ?

Put your prayer boots on and join our prayer team!

Put your walking boots on and join one of our teams going into the trenches with the Gospel of hope through Christ alone!

Put on your giving gloves and sow generously into our ministry now as God moves your heart! You can “go with us” if you “sow in us!”

You are a wanted PARTNER!

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